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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

DIY Scallop Shorts.

I've had my eye on some scalloped shorts for a while now, I was just about to buy some until EffiesMakeUpBox inspired me to make my own. I LOVEEEEE all my shorts to much to risk cutting them. I found these Primark jeans in the bottom of my wardrobe that i had never worn and got years ago. They were the perfect colour :) .

They are size 12 as they had the wrong label on when i bought them, so they have been far to big for me to wear, never mind how long they are for a short ass like me :P . Sooo I cut them....

And just in case you were wondering .. That white patch that looks like bird poop is where the the label had been stuck on for over two years ;)

Not the best picture I've taken .. The legs are actually even, just the way it is hung on the hanger :)

All I did was cut them to the length i wanted then scalloped the edges. Simple ;)

Surprisingly, I am actually really happy with them. They look allot better on, and saved me £30 :D . Now I just need to wear them abit so they fray and don't look so neat. Bring on the scalloped sunburn lines ;)

Lots and lots of LOVEEEE! 

-Alicee x


  1. wow they're amazing! i'd try it myself too but unfortunately i don't own any old jeans like that, i'll try the charity shops(; xx


  2. Those shorts look awesome! I made one for myself too, I would be glad if you check it out on my blog :)